WINK. Clean. Pure. Safe Hemp. Extraction Guaranteed.

At WINK Wellness, just meeting standard requirements isn’t enough. Our goal is to exceed expectations in both quality and safety. We understand the importance of a pure, clean hemp extract, free from contaminants that could potentially cause harm. That’s why we contract with Kentucky Farms where they only use Subcritical CO2 Extraction Methods for all  hemp extracted..


Initial planning + preparation

Cloning is finished and greenhouses are full with cuttings


Early growth season

Planting time. This is when the field farmers load up on setters and thousands of plants are set.


Mid-growth season

The plants have filled in and all space between plants are filled in. The plants still look bright green and leafy.


Harvest season

Plants are two weeks from harvest. Large flowers have developed.


Excellence Every Season

As seasons change, our partners at Kentucky Farms are always preparing for the next crop of Hemp. They plan for every contingency so our company, WINK,  never has to worry about supply shortages. Seeds are planted in clean soil, tested for chemicals and pollutants using organic growing practices. Greenhouses are stocked with clones of proprietary strains ensuring a consistent cannabinoid profile in every plant. The process is 100% vertically integrated ensuring total control of the safety and purity of all products from soil to shelf.


Subcritical CO2 Hemp Extraction: Zero Solvents, Zero Chemicals, 100% Clean Hemp extraction.:

Subcritical CO2 hemp extraction is used to separate various cannabinoids from the hemp plant because it produces a pure, clean and safe product. Carbon dioxide reaches into small spaces like a gas and dissolves, acting similar to a liquid solvent.

This allows the process to isolate and extract very specific cannabinoids from the hemp plant to produce the purest, highest quality and safest CBD extract possible. Furthermore, Kentucky Farms has developed a solvent-free method for purification and an all-down channel process, utilizing Subcritical CO2 ensuring a pure, clean product.

Benefits Of Subcritical CO2 Hemp Extraction:

There are several benefits to using Subcritical CO2 Hemp Extraction methods. This method gives more control over the process and, as a result, more control over safety. Further, the CO2 can be reused and recycled making it more environmentally friendly than other extraction methods. CO2 serves as a cleaning agent which destroys any microbial bacteria, molds and/or contaminants during the hemp extraction process. This method also produces a higher yield in extract versus some of the pressed, chemical extraction methods.

The FDA and Subcritical CO2 Hemp Extraction:
The Food & Drug Administration (FDA):
The FDA has labeled Subcritical CO2 Extraction safe for industrial extractions. This makes extracts obtained using this method viable for the food and beverage, medicinal and cosmetic industries. It is guaranteed not to leave any residual solvents or chemicals in the final product. If there is any CO2 residue on the extract, it will evaporate because CO2 acts as a gas at room temperature. This makes for the most pure, safe hemp extract on the market.

* CO2 is Recyclable & Environmentally Friendly
* CO2 Cleans Out Microbial Bacteria, Molds & Contaminants
* Easily Controllable & Produces a Higher Yield
* FDA Safe for Food, Beverage, Medical and Cosmetic Use
* Guaranteed No Residual Solvents or Chemicals
* Clean, Pure, Safe Hemp Extraction Guaranteed