WINK CBD & Migraines

WINK + CBD Relief from Migranes

CBD, or cannabinoids, is the latest attraction in treating the life-crushing symptoms associated with migraines. Over a billion people in the world suffer from this neurological condition, with 39 million of those people in the United States. So, many people want relief that comes fast, natural and without major side effects.

CBD is becoming the number one go-to for migraines. But does it really work or is it a placebo effect? Does it make you feel “high” and is it addictive? We’ll answer these questions and more in the following article so you can be better informed about the truth around CBD.

From Where Does CBD Come; What Does It Do?

Hailing from the hemp plant, a member of the cannabis family, CBD is the extracted oil. It’s the same genus as where marijuana comes from, but they are different from one another. CBD doesn’t have a hallucinogenic or cataleptic effect in the same way as marijuana, so you don’t feel “high” without risk of addiction.

But, because they are close cousins, you do get the same healing and relaxation benefits. Indeed, many people swear by its results with claims of CBD being a wonder drug against the searing pain, dizziness, throbbing, nausea and photosensitivity brought on by migraines. They even say it works better than the strongest prescription medications.

Cannabinoids ; the Human Body

This is because the human body already has cannabinoid receptors in the body. These work with nerve endings and help inject relaxing hormones into the body. This is what helps us better deal with stress, get a good night’s sleep and fend off pain.

When we become upset, depressed or tense, our cannabinoid, serotonin and dopamine levels drop. What replaces them is cortisol, which can cause weight gain and keep us in a state of negativity. Taking CBD can regulate these essential “happy” hormones while staving off the buildup of cortisol.

Migraines keep people in state of pain and stress. The consistent flow of CBD will keep nerve endings calm, muscles relaxed and inflammation at bay. Plus, there are no real side effects. However, anyone should consult with their doctor prior to taking CBD if they are on any prescription medications.

While it may be true that people experience an improvement with their migraines by taking CBD there has yet to be a study done specifically on the effects of CBD against migraines.

Having said all that, there have been many studies over the last several decades illustrating how cannabis family members are anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative. These plants have a proven record against nausea, headaches, neurological disorders, muscle pain and spasms.

CBD Company Surveys

So, treating migraines with CBD successfully isn’t far outside the realm of possibility. Several leading CBD companies have performed surveys with people in regards to migraines.

They did a 30-day trial with those who suffer from migraines. Participants took a survey prior to taking CBD, having never had CBD before and they retook the survey after the 30 days. Participants noticed a near 33% reduction in their experience of migraines and all the other difficult symptoms that go along with it.

While this is only one survey, it does backup the claims many people make about CBD’s healing ability. It works quickly, effectively and efficiently. But, it doesn’t rid of migraines altogether. However, a reduction in migraines is a godsend for those with severe cases.