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The world of healthy aging and anti-aging skincare can be overwhelming and confusing. With so many anti-aging products, procedures and recommendations, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’re breaking it down for you in this complete, head-to-toe anti-aging guide, applicable to women of every age. Each section will give you a quick, yet thoughtful, overview of the actions to take to prevent and reduce signs of aging, along with our top picks for anti-aging products and why CBD works so well for healthy aging (hint: it’s because it is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant)!

Keep reading to learn how to stay youthful from your crown to your toes.

CBD For the Brain

The brain may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to healthy aging, but as you age your cognition begins to gradually decline. Beginning in your late 20s, your hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and recall, shrinks an average of 1% a year as memory cells shrivel and die. Fortunately, the shrinking is reversible! Thanks to recent studies, we now understand that inflammation in the brain (and body) is one of the key contributors to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. To protect your brain health and reduce inflammation, doctors recommend eating a whole food diet, rich in plants, berries, and healthy fat sources like nuts, seeds and olive oil, avoiding salt and staying away from sugar, in addition to staying active, maintaining proper Vitamin D levels, taking brain supporting supplements like omega-3 DHA and Vitamin B12, and exercising your memory cells with mental tasks.

We would also recommend making WINK CBD Tincture a part of your daily routine. One of the main properties of CBD is that it is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. A Harvard Medical School article recently described how CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Studies in animals have also shown that CBD may protect neurons or brain cells from degeneration through antioxidant activity and other effects. Lastly, our customers also love to use our CBD oil to help improve focus, in addition to helping reduce anxiety, stress and depression.


- Meg


CBD For the  Eyes

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul and even though you may feel youthful inside, your eyes are one of the very first areas of your body to show signs of aging. We must prevent wrinkles around the eyes! There are a lot of reasons why our eyes are more vulnerable to aging than other areas of our skin. First, the skin around your eyes is very thin, leaving it sensitive and susceptible to aging concerns. Second, the tissue just beneath the skin around your eyes is hugely lacking in fat and muscle, which help to support the structure of the skin. Lastly, eye skin simply covers the hollow space of your eye socket, which doesn’t provide any sort of solid base.

When it comes to preventing and reducing wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles, eye creams are a severely underutilized anti-aging skincare product. We layer WINK CBD Eye Cream  (our best selling cream for wrinkles around the eyes) into our morning and evening skincare routines to help keep our yes hydrating and healthy. Our CBD eye cream is made with marigold extract to help soothe and revive the sensitive skin around your eyes, arnica to reduce inflammation and puffiness and witch hazel to tighten and firm the skin. We highly recommend this product as a soothing under eye cream.


- Maggie


CBD For the Neck

Similar to your eyes, the skin on your neck or décolletage is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your body and even face. Proper moisturization and SPF protection are required to help prevent the loss of elasticity and development of wrinkles throughout your lifetime. But, no matter how committed you are to your skincare routine, for some reason most of us seem to neglect our décolletage. The delicate skin in this area combined with gravity and the constant neck craning to look at our smartphones leaves this area uniquely at risk of aging.

The good news is that the same anti-aging products you use on your face may also be applied to your neck - But a must have is our CBD Face Serum. The best face serum for normal to dry skin WINK CBD Face & Neck Serum. We also recommend extending yourWINK CBD Face Cream down your neck and chest during your skincare routine and layering on WINK CBD SPF 30 Sunscreen during the day to keep your décolletage smooth and wrinkle free.


CBD For the Lips

You may not know that your lips thin with age. Similar to other areas of your body, your lips begin to thin and sag with time due to your body’s natural decline in collagen. When you are young, your lips are full and plump because they contain plenty of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which helps them stay moist and hydrated from the inside out. How to keep your puckers looking youthful? Dermatologists recommend skipping straws, minimizing puckering, not smoking, using SPF and keeping your lips and body hydrated.

Our favorite anti-aging product for lip care is our CBD sugar skin scrub the WINK CBD Lip Duo. This product is a one-two-punch with a hydrating sugar lip scrub and a citrus lip balm packed with natural oils to nourish, moisturize, brighten and tone.

CBD For the Face

When it comes to healthy aging, purchasing a face moisturizer is the most popular and highly considered must for anti-aging. As you age, your anti-aging needs will shift. From 20-25 years old, focus on hydration, from 25-35 years of age prioritize prevention, by age 35-45 take action against aging and from 45 and on it’s all about maintenance. But, there are a few key anti-aging components you’ll want to focus on at any age. The first is to wear sunscreen! Sun exposure is the fastest and quickest way to age and damage your skin. Second, make sure to exercise and eat and sleep well. And lastly, invest in your skincare. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Invest in a CBD moisturizing cream for the face. Look for natural, ethically made products, free of chemicals, parabens and sulfates. Looking to save a few dollars? Spend more money on your CBD day face cream than your cleanser since your facial cleanser will literally rinse away down the drain.

Here’s how we recommend building a morning and evening skincare routine with WINK CBD Skincare:


♦  RENEW   -  Face Serum

♦  LIFT + FIRM -  Eye Cream

♦  NOURISH   -  Face Cream

♦  DEFEND SPF  -  30 Sunscreen


♦  CALM  -  Face Mask

♦  RENEW  -  Face Serum

♦  LIFT + FIRM   -  Eye Cream

♦  NOURISH  -  Face Cream


If you decide to supplement your skincare routine with other anti-aging products like botox or filler, our customers also love to use WINK CBD Salve to help reduce swelling and bruising from injection sites.

At 60, I just had my first painful experience with fillers all over my face. W!NK body salve cured my bruising in 3 days which was supposed to last for weeks. The product also helped with the pain the injections caused. I am a firm believer in this product and every dermatologist should sell it!

- Kallie

CBD For the Body

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so how you protect it, what you put on it and how you care for it can greatly impact healthy aging. When it comes to anti-aging body care, there are a few tips that are widely recommended by dermatologists. First, make sure to moisturize daily! As you age, your body’s ability to retain moisture naturally declines. Ideally, moisturize right after you shower or bathe to help your anti-aging products penetrate the skin more easily. Second, exfoliate once a week with either a CBD sugar scrub for the body or CBD salt body scrub to encourage skin cell turnover and to slough off dead skin cells. Third, protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays by wearing at least a SPF 15 anytime you are outside. Medical professionals agree the sun is the quickest and easiest way to damage and age your skin. In addition to these skincare specific tips, it’s also recommended that you drink plenty of water, eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly. WINK CBD body scrubs are the best and smell delicious!

Some of our CBD skincare body products consist of:


♦  DETOX  -  Sea Salt Scrub

♦  PURIFY  -  Sugar Scrub

♦  HYDRATE -   Face + Body Lotion

♦  DEFEND SPF  -  30 Sunscreen

Every sunscreen I have ever tried breaks me out in hives. My dermatologist had me try everything he could think of. When I received the CBD sunscreen as a sample with one of my orders I wasn’t hopeful. But guys, it didn’t break me out!!! 

It’s a God send for sensitive skin people. Thank you W!NK

- Hannah

CBD For Joint + Muscle Pain

Your joints and muscles are so crucial to healthy aging because they are directly linked to our ability to move. As you may know, the older you get, the less fluid and easeful your movements may become. Some of you may experience arthritis or muscle contractions that make simple tasks like opening a door or bending over to pick something up much more labored. As the saying goes, the harder you are on something the quicker it fails. We’re all for a super hard, sweaty workout, but it’s equally as important to remember to take time for recovery to aid in healthy aging.

We also recommend using anti-aging products that will aid in reducing inflammation and soothing pain, like CBD. To promote the healthy aging of our joints and muscles, our team leans on WINK CBD Bath Salts and WINK CBD Body Salve.

It’s a great salve! One friend just gave it to her 94-year-old grandmother who is in a rehab facility where nothing they gave her relieved her pain. I gave her a sample and in two days my friend said her grandmother was finally out of pain. They were ordering immediately! Literally nothing compares to your salve!

- Dulcy